Continuance of Memory

 a preventive music therapy offer for dwindling memory



For about three years I have been working as a music therapist (M.A.) with seniors in Heidelberg. Against the background of my wealth of experience with people with dementia.
I have developed a music therapy model that allows affected individuals to express their own inner feelings better in order to improve their life quality.
My model shows your employees and specialists how they can ensure an appreciative approach to their residents and sensitizes the participants to professional music therapy.





Through music in harmony with your own body.


 In search of the inner self; our body reflects our being and our soul.

The music gives us access to our self-esteem, to the here and now and provides a space in which we can ‘re-try’ and ‘experience’ ourselves.

We improvise together with easily playable instruments and let the sound flow consciously into different parts of our body.
No previous musical knowledge is needed.







Symptome of Schizophrenia


An Ethnimusic Therapy Ceremony from Kharg, an island in the Persian Gulf

In this research the following aspects should be reated by film and photo:

- Geographical and historical presentation of the island of Kharg


- Origin and course of the Zar ceremony


- Zar in music therapy effect on symptoms of schizophrenia


- Instruments and songs of the Zar ceremony


Sound on journey

is a space in the inn where diverse sounds create a relaxing refuge for travelers. Instruments from all over the globe appease the senses and refresh the sensitivity. You will experience the beauty and power of sound waves in a live and joyful fashion.

Sound on journey

takes you to a land of harmony where time and space

bid you the wonderful chance to tune your inner self.

Just indulge yourself in the relaxing sounds.